The Virginia Edition Publishing CompanyThe Virginia Edition Publishing Company and the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust are proud to present The Virginia Edition.

The Virginia Edition contains authoritative texts for all of Robert Heinlein’s published fiction and non-fiction, with text taken from the last volume in which Heinlein had a hand in the preparation, or those works restored to their intended state in publications directly overseen by Virginia Heinlein after her husband’s passing.

Also included are 450,000 words of newly selected correspondence, most never before published. Each volume is introduced by Heinlein scholar and biography author, William H. Patterson, Jr., detailing the circumstances under which the work was written.

Each Virginia Edition set is bound in leather and printed on buffered, acid-free paper that meets all US archival standards. Only 2000 sets were produced and each volume of the set is hand-numbered.

Virginia Edition owners also receive unlimited access to the online Heinlein Archives which offers all of Heinlein’s documents, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and personal materials in digital form.

The Virginia Edition is fully authorized by The Heinlein Prize Trust, the Heinlein literary estate, whose mission is to encourage and reward progress in commercial space activities which advances the Heinleins’ dream of humanity’s future in space.

Virginia Edition Complete Set

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